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October 7, 2020

The Natural Born Killer Is Back: Who Should Carlos Condit Fight Next?

By Adam Martin

For many years, Carlos Condit was one of the best welterweights in mixed martial arts. In 2012, Condit defeated Nick Diaz to win the UFC Interim Welterweight Championship with Georges St. Pierre injured. Later that year, Condit came close to knocking out GSP with a head kick in their title unification bout. Condit lost that fight, but he found his way back to a title shot in 2015 when he fought Robbie Lawler at UFC 195. In one of the greatest UFC title fights ever, Condit lost a controversial split decision. He would then go on to lose his next four fights before snapping his losing skid against Court McGee at last weekend's Fight Island event.

Condit is no longer in the running to fight for the belt, but he still has the desire to compete, and there are still plenty of fun fights for him out there. At age 36, it's all about big fights for Condit at this late stage in his career. Below, we take a look at potential opponents for "The Natural Born Killer":

Nick Diaz

The Condit vs. Diaz fight at UFC 143 in 2012 is still talked about to this day, as Diaz's fans believe he won rounds one, two, and five. While Condit got the decision that night, it was one of those close fights that could have gone either way and a rematch has always been a possibility. When asked recently if he wants to run it back, Condit confirmed that he would like to fight Diaz again and settle the score once and for all. With Diaz reportedly returning to the UFC in 2021, this rematch makes so much sense.

Matt Brown

A fight that the UFC has tried to book twice in the past is Condit against Matt Brown in a potential matchup that has "Fight of the Night" written all over it. These two were first supposed to meet back in 2013 and then later in 2018, but both times Brown was forced to pull out with an injury. Immediately after Condit beat McGee, Brown made it known on social media that he wants the Condit fight and Condit said he is open to it as well. This would be a fan-friendly fight and might be the front-runner at this point to be Condit's next fight just because it makes so much sense given the history.

Robbie Lawler

Another rematch, but at some point, we absolutely need to run back the Condit and Lawler fight. Their first fight at UFC 195 was one of the best fights in UFC history, as both men landed hundreds of strikes on each other over the course of 25 minutes. However, the hard truth is that fight really hurt both guys for the rest of their careers, and neither has ever been the same. It's proof that damage accumulates in this sport and can change the direction of a fighter's career in a negative fashion. But the good thing is, both guys are pretty much in the same spot these days, so a rematch absolutely makes sense now. With neither guy fighting for the title again anytime soon, it's time we see the rematch between Lawler and Condit.

Anthony Pettis

One fresh matchup that I think would be fun is Condit against Anthony Pettis. Like Condit, Pettis is a former UFC champion who just isn't the same elite fighter he once was, but he can still put on exciting fights for the fans. Back when Pettis and Condit were at the top of their games this fight wasn't possible because Pettis was solely a lightweight. But in 2020, Pettis is now fighting at welterweight, so a Condit fight becomes very possible. It would be an exciting fight between two men who love to strike.

Dan Hardy

This is yet another rematch, but it's a fight I'd always like to watch for a second time. It was nearly 10 years ago when Condit and Hardy first met at UFC 120. For the 4:27 that it lasted, the fight was an absolute war. Both men threw a left hook at the same time, but Condit was the one who landed the harder shot and knocked Hardy out. Hardy is inactive these days due to health issues, but he has been teasing the possibility of a comeback. Considering where both men are at this point in their careers, a rematch between Hardy and Condit is absolutely a possibility to happen if Hardy is cleared.

Carlos Condit may not be an elite welterweight anymore, but that doesn't matter. He is still "The Natural Born Killer" and as long as he wants to fight the UFC will book a fight for him because he's always exciting, win or lose. There are plenty of fun fights for Condit at this late point in his career, and it will be interesting to see who the UFC matchmakers believe will make the best opponent for him next.
UFC Fight Night
Carlos Condit vs. Court McGee: Carlos Condit def. Court McGee via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Aldana took place October 3, 2020 at Flash Forum in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

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