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September 10, 2019

What Makes A Top-Rated Online Slot

The level of quality across the online casino industry in 2019 is completely off the charts, there’s just no arguing that. As more and more developers have entered the fray, everyone involved has had to up their game in order to stay on top of the market, and this means their video slots consistently get more spectacular. Click to play here.

But what makes a top-rated online slot in the first place? What is it that these developers are clambering to one up each other on? It’s not really a question you can answer with just one thing, for there are a multitude of factors that influence whether or not an online slot can be regarded as one of the best. We may as well take a gander at what they are.

Win-Potential on Slots

At root why do most people play online slots? It is pretty simple – they want to make some cold, hard cash. For this reason perhaps the main thing that makes up a top-rated online slot is its win-potential. Put it this way; you wouldn’t play a slot time and time again if you did was lose, an ability to win is essential.

The main thing that influences this is a given slot’s RTP. This is a term that stands for Return To Player, a percentage that indicates the average pay-out of a title. Ones with the best win-potential will tend to have a percentage of 96% or more, and these are certainly ones to look out for.

Online Slot Bonus Rounds & Features

Another thing that influences win-potential, as well as the general level of fun in a game, is the extent to its bonuses, such as special rounds or free spin gifts. It can really make or break a video slot this, because in the current market there are some games that possess a truly stupendous level of bonuses.

Take the Roman inspired Centurion, for instance, the strength of this title is largely down to the number of its bonus rounds, something that at once ramps up the excitement as well as your chances of winning.

Slot Game Graphics

This can be another make or break aspect of online slots – if the graphics are bad or clunky you really won’t enjoy playing the game at all, it will just be far too cumbersome. The graphics department is where critically acclaimed developers such as NetEnt or Yggdrasil excel, and is a large part of their internationally renowned status.


An online slot’s theme can also make all the difference, frequently being the defining factor in whether or not a player chooses to play a certain game or not. There are, of course, the classic themes that many of us all know and love. We’re talking Ireland, Hawaii or Greek Gods, for instance – these are often the most engaging.

The great thing about 2019’s online slots industry, however, is that developers can use pretty much any theme they can think of these days. It makes for some properly exhilarating and wacky titles. The Codfather or Vikings Go To Hell are just a couple.

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