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May 30, 2019

Conor McGregor’s Sends Khabib Nurmagomedov Threatening Message

By MMA Ratings Staff

Conor McGregor has been making international headlines since before his fight with Floyd Mayweather, but there has been a steady increase in the cocky attitude the UFC fighter has been projecting to the media of late. In recent events McGregor sent Khabib Nurmagomedov a message warning him to be alerted to the fact that their rivalry is far from over and that Khabib should consider accepting a rematch.

UFC fights are amongst some of the most watched sporting matches around the world, and a rematch would reel in millions of viewers. Follow this link to see similar headline fights pulling in massive wagers. Keep an eye on fights like the one mentioned below, the ones to make history and hopefully get the rematch everyone is wondering whether or not will happen.

The fight took place in October 2018 and resulted in a loss for the lightweight champion, Conor McGregor. Following the fight, McGregor addressed the public deflecting the loss by narrowly pointing the blame on his trainers by stating he was an attacker and in this training camp the strategy was to defend, defend, and defend. He continued on to say that even the game plan was based on the defence and every round in training McGregor would have his back up against the fence and have his back against the floor, always landing a vulnerable position.

In this statement McGregor actually stated that being a lightweight fighter, he had training partners who were heavy, 90 plus kilograms, and that it irritates him that the training went on to make him defensive and change his fighting strategy.

Following his statements and his firm belief that he would be able to take Khabib in a rematch, McGregor sent out a message to Nurmagomedov saying that the war wasn’t over. McGregor publicly claimed that if the fight rematch wasn’t accepted by Khabib and his people, it is publicly known that it is on Khabib's management, and that the fighter was running away from the rematch McGregor has thrown down.

McGregor has also been called out by lightweight Justin Gaethje, who is currently ranked 5th in the 155-pound division, while McGregor is ranked 3rd. Gaethje has called on a fight with McGregor, saying he wouldn’t want to fight anyone ranked lower than his own ranking, he wants to fight someone ranked higher than him, and currently he is looking to fight the person ranked third in his division. He went on to say that should McGregor refuse the fight, McGregor should then be stripped of his rank and someone put in the third ranking to take his position and fight Justin Gaethje.

With all these UFC fighters publicly challenging one another, it is bound to be an interesting year ahead as fighters start prepping their camps, fighting styles, and get their lineups for the season. Now it’s the waiting game to see if Khabib accepts Conor’s challenge and whether or not Conor will rise to Justin Gaethje’s bait.

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