March 7, 2018

Brock Lesnar Mutes UFC Return

By MMA Ratings Staff

The current WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar is nearing a return to the UFC/MMA, according to several reports in the U.S. Lesnar, a controversial figure in his time in MMA and the UFC, has not directly issued a statement confirming or rejecting the rumours that are gathering momentum, but close sources say that he is open to the possibility of switching back to the UFC/MMA in the near future. Lesnar, who is back to his best in the WWE, has some important matches coming up, including a title defence match at Fastlane in Columbus, Ohio. You can place a bet for Lesnar to retain his title at several sports betting sites.

WWE Contract

Rumours of a possible return to the UFC/MMA have come at a time when Lesnar still has a running contract with the WWE. Lesnar still has a few months before his contract runs out at WWE. In that time, he is eligible to feature at WrestleMania, to be held in early April. Both parties, Brock Lesnar and the WWE, have not issued statements on whether Lesnar’s contract will be renewed or not. This has led to the speculation that Lesnar might just not want to renew the contract when it runs out.

Controversial Exit

Lesnar’s last UFC appearance came in July 2016 at the UFC 200, where his win over Mark Hunt that day was declared a no-contest. Lesnar failed a drug test and subsequently requested further tests as he claimed his innocence. Unfortunately, the other tests all came back positive and he was forced to walk away from his contract. The failed multiple drug tests saw Lesnar receive a lengthy ban from the UFC, a ban that is still ongoing, expected to end in the next six months. Luck, however, was with Lesnar as he was readmitted to the WWE family shortly afterwards, where he has excelled, winning and retaining the WWE Universal Championship for a couple of times now.

Mixed reactions to possible Lesnar UFC/MMA return

The news that Brock Lesnar might just make a UFC return has been received both positively and negatively by those involved in the UFC. On the positive side have been UFC top dogs including UFC President Dana White who publicly admitted that he would like to see Lesnar back at the Octagon. Dana White also recently posed for a photo with Brock Lesnar in Las Vegas, in a move that added fuel to the fire.

Even though Lesnar’s return is making UFC’s top dogs smile, the same cannot be said of other UFC athletes. Many UFC athletes, including Stefan Struve have publicly made their feelings known with regards to Lesnar. Struve said he does not want to see Lesnar back in the UFC. He said that the UFC top hierarchy made a mistake the first time when they brought him in, as they allowed him to fight without going for a drug test for four months, a decision that ultimately shades some dirt on UFC. Struve said that Lesnar is a cash-cow who brings in pay per views and so, he would understand if UFC takes him back but personally, he does not want him back.

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