November 5, 2015

Building A Case: Johnny "Hollywood" Case Is Ready For the Spotlight

By Raphael Garcia

While UFC Fight Night 77 hasn’t received the greatest amount of hype, it is one of the most interesting cards the organization has put together in recent memory. There are a number of talented competitors on the docket who may not be the biggest names in their respective divisions, but have the potential to become such over time. Johnny Case is one of those individuals and this weekend ‘s event is an opportunity for him to showcase his talent.

Case will bring his 21-4 record and three-fight win streak into his bout with Yan Cabral. Cabral is an up-and-comer in the UFC lightweight division, but he isn’t a fighter with as much upside as Case at this point in his career. In “Hollywood” the UFC has the opportunity to build a future star. He brings everything to the table that sports organizations hope to see in budding personalities. He has the “look” of someone that can appeal to the UFC’s core demographic, he has the personality to push himself in speaking opportunities, and best of all, he performs very well when in the spotlight.

With 12 knockouts and six submissions, Case has the ability to get the job done in nearly every area of mixed martial arts. In his last bout he had to overcome a bad eye poke in order to defeat Francisco Trevino, so the fans can mark off “overcome adversity” on the checklist as well.

However, Case still has some areas in which he needs to improve. As a 5’10 lightweight, he is on the bigger end of the division, but his accuracy leaves much to be desired. According to his FightMetric profile, his accuracy is only at 38 percent. Part of this is due to the fact that he’s such a volume striker. Even still, this is one area where he has room for growth, and that growth will be compelling to watch as he competes this weekend and in future outings.

The UFC is constantly looking for fighters that are ready to help carry the promotion into the next era. Everyone isn’t expected to become the next Georges St. Pierre or Randy Couture; the organization needs people like Matt Brown and Nik Lentz to carry shows as well. As the sport creeps towards its next phase, it will be interesting to see which group Johnny Case fits into.


UFC Fight Night 77: Belfort vs. Henderson 3 takes place on November 7, 2015 at Auditório Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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