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December 30, 2010

SRC: Soul of Fight - 17. Hatsu Hioki vs. Marlon Sandro

Featherweight Championship bout: Marlon Sandro defeated Hatsu Hioki via unanimous decision to become the new SRC Featherweight Champion.

Courtesy of Daniel Herbertson for FanHouse

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  1. The fight was even for the first two and a half rounds as both fighters traded fast and furious. Then Hioki got the fight to the ground and from top position he made Sandro look like he never grappled before. (Early in the fight Sandro seemed to fall down a few times without getting hit. I have to watch this again in HD.)

    In the fourth round Sandro took over the standup and really punished Hioki, but when the fight went to the ground Hioki, from the bottom, made Sandro look like a novice again. (The fighters were stood up while Hioki was punishing Sandro from rubber guard.) Hioki locked on a triangle just as the bell rang.

    In the last round they traded hard shots early. Hioki to over again when the Sandro shot in. Hioki transitioned from a deep hammerlock, to kimura to armbar. Each time it appeared that he could have broke it, but didn't want to.

    R:4 A:5 S:5 T:5-


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