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October 14, 2010

TUF Times, Season 12 - Volume 2

event posterBy Julie Romine

Last week's episode of The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 brought some of the previous seasons' drama back with Team GSP's Alex Caceres (a.k.a. Bruce Leroy) continuing his drinking and self-absorbed chatter. Team Koscheck's Sevak Magakian did not care for Bruce Leroy's remarks, especially during Team GSP's Michael Johnson's fight. Sevak held his composure and did not strike Bruce, but was determined to get a fight in the octagon with him.

Team Koscheck felt the pressure of being down 2 fights as they prepared for GSP's next choice of fighters, while Koscheck brought in John Fitch for training assistance. GSP was not letting Koscheck's pranks or childish remarks get to him, and remained composed. GSP picked Kyle Watson (the most experienced and eldest fighter in the house, also Matt Hughes BJJ coach) vs. Team Koscheck's Andy Main. Both fighters are BJJ specialists with a bit of pressure on their shoulders. Kyle had pressure for being the eldest, and Matt Hughes BJJ coach while Main, the youngest fighter in the house needed to win one for the team.

The fight went well first round, lots of back and fourth striking and ground work, but Kyle Watson pulled off a slick RNC in the 2nd round. Team GSP's team was excited and Matt Hughes would be proud. While Koscheck almost lost his temper from the 3rd loss, and kicked a chair on the way out of the gym.

This week's episode was a bit more exciting on both teams. With pressure building on Team Koscheck, Koscheck asked Chuck Liddell to stop by for some motivational pep talk. The team was thrilled with seeing and meeting Chuck and I think Chuck felt encouragement from the young fighters as well. Their new training partner, John Fitch's presence was more dominant and beneficial.

Team GSP had a guest trainer as well, Jean Pierre Skarbowsky, a Muay Thai specialist from Paris. Jean was a Muay Thai champion and fought many years in Thailand where things are a little different than here or in MMA. His training regime is basically the same - minus the ground game. But before an actual fight he would get inebriated and surprisingly get in the ring and really do damage and win! Watching Jean spar with the young fighters was quite impressive, and the fighters were excited, yet hesitant having him there. He was kicking all of their butts!

With the first win of the season, and trapped in a house full of guys, Bruce Leroy was bored and decided to play a prank on one of Team Koscheck's guys with his laundry, and ended up pulling the prank on one of his own -luckily it didn't work. The guys in the house on both teams were growing tired of Bruce's vain banter, slightly excessive drinking and behavior.

With Team GSP still in control of the game, the next fight was Team GSP's Spencer Paige vs. Team Koscheck's Nam Phan. Rd 1, full of striking and kicks was held by Paige until the last minute when Phan grabbed one of his kicks and he fell, then proceeded with some G&P. Rd 2, Nam Phan was in control...something was wrong with Paige. Nam Phan won by decision, as Paige suffered broken hand and hurt shins in the first round. Incredible striking by both fighters. I am sure we will see Spencer Paige again in the future.

Will Bruce Leroy keep up with the drinking and school boy tricks? Or will someone from either side try and stop him from future irritation? What is next for Team GSP? Who will fight next and will Team Koscheck keep the winning streak or will Team GSP take it right back? Tune in next Wednesday for more drama, training and brilliant fights!

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