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November 7, 2009

Strikeforce: Fedor vs Rogers - 8. Jake Shields vs. Jason Miller

Middleweight Championship bout: Jake Shields defeated Jason “Mayhem” Miller via Unanimous Decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46).

Jake Shields vs. Jason Miller


  1. I picked Miller and thought he be able to tire Shields out. His grappling and submission defense were excellent, but that doesn't score points and Shields maintained dominant positions and kept striking the entire time. Do you give Miller the 3rd for having that RNC at the end of the round? Shields would have been out in a few more seconds. But otherwise I would score it 50-45 Shields.

    R:4 A:4 S:5 T:4

  2. I thought that Shields was the favorite, but Miller was *capable* of winning the later rounds if Jake got tired. In fact, I thought that the end of the third, with Mayhem managing to catch Shields in an RNC, was how I figured the fight would finish if he won. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, and Miller made his loss pretty entertaining in Rounds 1 to 3. The final two rounds kinda blew, though.

    I give it 3.5 Stars.

  3. it's weird when a fight gets boring because you know the attacks can have no effect.

    Shields taking mount or the back drew big reactions in round 1. In round 5, when we knew he couldn't finish, the audience yawned.

  4. Obviously I'm not in the majority as did not I find the Shields/Miller fight boring at all. Some things occur to me when people suggest that Shields' fights are boring:
    - who thought the fight would come so close to ending at 4:30 of round 3? Yet it almost did, and it could have again if the two weren't so "well" matched.
    - Shields was the under dog against Robbie Lawler. Was that a boring fight?
    - The style contrast with Paul Daley was interesting. Jake struggled, but was able to finish.
    - Were any of his previous fights, which he finished all 5 in a combined time of under18 minutes boring?
    - Are people that say Shields' fights are boring: not fans of grappling, not paying attention to any of his recent fights, just following some party line?


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