July 12, 2009

To Brock: Apology Not Accepted.

It's all about me, me, meBy Katrina Belcher (KatrinaBelcher@mmaratings.net)

Yeah Brock - you sound really sincere. Well apology not accepted. Brock Lesnar is a bully and a low-life. You said in your pre-fight interview that you never respected your opponents. Why? You don't have to be best friends with your opponent, but to not respect the man, the fighter, or his skills? That's just not right. Hint to Dana White: in any other sport, such behavior would have been followed through with a fine by the promoter (nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

And just before the fight you didn't touch gloves with Frank Mir. Again - why? Truly, we've seen that happen before, but usually at the end of their match the two warriors would show respect for each other (Frank Shamrock and Nick Diaz). But not you, Brock. You spit your mouthpiece out at the camera and DROOLED, you flipped off the crowd, you verbally attacked Mir and then you gloated over your, uh, win. Are you that much a legend in your own mind or did your parents just not teach you any manners?

Pretty much your strategy was to lay on Mir so he couldn't breath and then hit him. No skills there. And then at the end of this "fight" you talked about how you were going to lay on on your wife? How disgusting - I hope you slept on the couch last night. Brock, you're clearly no champion.

This "fighter" makes excuses for his losses. Instead of taking responsibility for his previous loss to Mir, he first blames Steve Mazagatti, and then he says dumb crap like "I GAVE him that fight and he knows it." Well DUH! That's what this is all about Brock. You made the mistake of giving him your legs and Mir took advantage of it...that's called S-K-I-L-L. And that's just one of the differences between you and Frank Mir. Real skills, good sportsman-like behavior, a gentleman...

Brock is not an MMA professional, and he has no sense of Bushido. He may have power, but beyond laying on top of people and hitting them, he has no skills. Lesnar go home - you aren't welcome in MMA. And I hope your wife was artificially inseminated, 'cause the thought of that fat pig laying on top of any woman like he did to Frank Mir is sickening. Truly - I'm now happy Dana's bringing Kimbo back. At least he has a sense of decency and respect.

If you want to watch unsportsmanlike, unprofessional, and white trash behavior by a bunch of apes with no intelligence, go back to watching WWE - I hear they're looking for viewers. But until Lesnar gets his ass kicked to the curb we'll be boycotting UFC fights, as long as he's on the card. He's not worth a dime. Oh, and I'm not a real big beer drinker, let alone am I a fan of Budweiser. But as soon as the stores open for biz, I'm getting me a nice tall one...cheers!


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