February 14, 2009

Rob Browning to Join the TUF 9 Fighter Cast

By Katrina Belcher (katrinabelcher@mmaratings.net)

According to MMAjunkie.com, "Robert Browning (1-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC), the younger brother of controversial season-eight cast member Junie Browning, was one of 16 American fighters chosen to compete in the season-opening elimination round. The show is currently in production, and the 22-year-old Browning is in Las Vegas with the other American and British participants." Please - say it ain't so!

Is the UFC serious? We're going to have to suffer through another Browning brother? What are they thinking? Other people have been kicked off the TUF show for stunts that were not as bad as the crap Junie pulled. Still - they kept giving him a 2nd chance, then a 3rd, a 4th.

And for those of you who are going to tell me to give Robert Browning a break, that we don't know if he's as bad as his brother...all I can say is watch this video and then we can talk:

What was that - MMA or WWE? The only way this kid can win is if he clowns around and distracts his opponent, who's trying to be a serious fighter. Even Matt Hughes, the referee for this match, walked off in disgust. I have two questions: 1) Is this the type of fighter we're going to have to watch on TUF 9?; and 2) Mrs. Browning really went ahead had another child after producing Junie?

Obviously the UFC doesn't respect fighters, fans or the sport, especially evident by the fact that it's obvious they're planning on allowing more of the same kind of disgraceful antics this season as we saw in TUF 8 - the worst season so far in terms of disgusting behavior. That's why Junie never got kicked off. UFC's only interest is in making money off of MMA for as long as it's around - not in promoting a true sport.

The UFC wants ratings, because with ratings comes $$. If it puts the sport of MMA in a bad light, so much the better, because again, that crap makes people watch for the pure voyeurism aspect, no matter how atrocious. Except that this past season a lot of people I know, including myself, did not watch when the fighters started peeing in each other's food and all that other crap. Had the remote ready and would flip to something MUCH more interesting. I think it was like a dog show or something.

If I were a fighter manager and one of my fighters got on the show, I'd make it very clear they'd better act with respect. Perhaps Hendo and Bisping will take a harder stand with these guys and do what they can to ameliorate the show. Give MMA the good name it deserves, in SPITE of the UFC and TUF. I'd stay tuned this time if they did.


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