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December 27, 2008

UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008 - 5. Yushin Okami vs. Dean Lister

Middleweight bout: Yushin Okami defeated Dean Lister via unanimous decision (30-27).


  1. The UFC has taken some flack for putting this fight on the prelims, but I always thought it was a smart move. First of all Yushin is a boring fighter (and NOT like Machida). Had this fight been exciting they would have shown it. Now they don't have to. Second of all, I'm sick of people saying that Yushin deserves a title shot. He doesn't deserve a shot any more than Cote did, meaning if they give it to him its only because they have no one better. Yushin has not beat any contenders and lost to Franklin. I think he lost his title shot with this fight.

    Relevance: 2
    Action: 2
    Skill: 2
    Total: 2

  2. contenders? who's he supposed to beat? who's a contender at 185? other than a non-loss for franklin okami's walked through everyone in front of him. he's 23-4 with a DQ win (ergo, "unfinished business") with Silva. He's got 12 stoppages and 10 decisions. his wins are usually methodical, but they're wins. he walked through Mike Swick, or more aptly sat on him, when swick was considered a contender.
    Yushin Okami is the only contender in the 185lb division. Thales Leites is a joke. Because Dean Lister sat on his ass trying to draw him into guard doesn't mean Yushin did anything wrong.
    What's with people saying winning fighters are somehow bad? Winning is the important part. Let's see Yushin vs. Marquardt for the #1 contender status. Then everyone can whine and whine and whine.

  3. I'll give you that he has a nice batch of wins, but I don't think that much of his wins over Swick and McDonald. I think that before he DESERVES a title shot he has to beat someone like Dan Henderson, Nate Marquardt or even Demian Maia or Rich Franklin (non-loss?).

    The DQ win over Silva doesn't mean anything.

    I'm not saying Yushin did anything wrong (where Dean Lister made never want to see him again in the UFC). But Okami could have been more aggressive, and the bottom line (for me) is that it WAS a boring fight, and I figured it would be.

    I would not be upset he he got a title shot, by any means, but I think its a stretch to say he deserves it. Does he deserve it any more than Bisping or Maia?

    What I'm saying is, 1) I was glad they televised the fights they did instead of this one, and 2) I think the UFC will choose to not give him a title shot now.


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