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May 14, 2008

new logo

Finally put up a new MMA Ratings logo. Use the star ratings to let me know what you think and comment if you have any suggestions.

[Update Sunday, May 18, 2008] Taking into consideration some feedback I have modified my logo, making shorter, longer, modifying the font, minimizing the stars, and including the .net.


  1. What do the stars have to do with ratings? Maybe something closer to MMA or the idea of rankings? This looks a little like a kids sticker. Sorry don't mean to be rude.

  2. No offense taken. Your honest feedback is appreciated.

    To address your comments, you have to click the stars to rate the fights and events. This is described on the home page and shown in every fight and event posting.

    MMA Ratings is devoted to determining the best fights and events based on popular opinion by using RATINGS. This site is NOT providing fighter "rankings".

    There are many sites devoted to delivering top 10 fighter rankings, of which I recommend MMA Playground's).

    MMA Ratings does not provide rankings. I think this is made clear on the home page, but I welcome any suggestions on how to make it more clear.


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